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     Latin's United
     2906 South 165th Avenue
     Omaha, Nebraska 68130
     Phone: (402) 350-3815
     Email: johnbknox@yahoo.com


Latins United Christian Ministries works with churches to establish an effective plan for growth that is relevant to the changing dynamics of their community. 

We help churches identify and mobilize ministries by aligning resources with the demographic realities and challenges that we are experiencing within our communities. While 75% of churches in the United States now have less than 80 people in attendance, there are potentially thousands of people, far from God, who need to know that the Church is exciting, relevant, and alive!

Latins United provides workshops, resources, and consultation to help churches establish strategic ministry and to explore multicultural opportunities.  We work to help churches in developing:

     • an understanding of their unique opportunities
     • ministry strategies and a process for evaluating their effectiveness
     • a process that builds relationships in the community
     • opportunities to impact your community in non-threatening ways
     • a foundation to mobilize your unique strengths, gifts and abilities
     • methods for considering critical factors
     • a process to launch ministries and sustain growth

We invite you to contact the Latins United Christian Ministries team for information outlining the goals, events, and training activities that are a part of launching a multicultural ministry.


Established as a non-profit organization in 2007, more than 100 individuals have partnered with Latin's United in this past year to provide a foundation of prayer and financial support.

Latins United is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. The financial records and policies of Latin's United are reviewed annually to ensure accountability and are available upon request.  In order to qualify for a tax deduction within the calendar year, donations must be received by December 31st.  



Each year, Latins United identifies strategic projects to support ministry and encourage local church efforts. Project development is based on available funding.  You can make donations toward a project or ministry of your choice.  Projects include:

     Local Radio Programming in Spanish
     Medical & Missions Teams
     Clean Water Projects
     Community Impact - Outreach events with local churches throughout the United States

For specific information these and other projects, please contact our office.  Once a project is completed, you will receive notification telling you about the impact that your involvement has made.  Contact our office at 402-350-3815, or email johnbknox@yahoo.com



You can honor a special occasion, person, or the memory of a loved one or friend!  When you make a donation in someone's name, we will send a card listing the details of the project or ministry you have designated.  You can choose to have Latins United send a card on your behalf, or we will prepare a card for you to send yourself!  Your contribution will honor someone special while furthering the ministry of Latins United!  Contact our office at 402-350-3815, or email johnbknox@yahoo.com



Latins United does not share, sell or rent personal or financial information with outside agencies.  Information may be used to process your requests, personalize communication, or to better develop communications to serve your needs.  If you wish for your name to be removed from the mailing list, click here


To receive the Latins United newsletter, make changes to your address, or to make corrections to your contact information, please call our office at (402) 350-3815.  You may also contact us through johnbknox@yahoo.com.