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Alignment—it’s a great concept, invoking ideas of synergy, capability, effectiveness, dynamic movement and more!  But often, it only takes a small “push” to move us out of “alignment,” and we can find ourselves straining in an effort to maintain critical direction.

Consider a typical scenario; a church finds itself plateaued or even growing smaller, while the average age of its congregation climbs higher.  At the same time, the community around the church is changing— often filled with younger, more mobile, culturally diverse groups of people, many of whom seem to have little church background or interest.

As a result, church leadership often finds itself dealing with two competing dynamics; one of how to reach their community, and the other of how to maintain significant ministry to the needs of their congregation.

The needs of maintenance and the needs for growth often shape the way we approach and conduct ministry, but in dynamically different ways.  The result can often be a stalemate, an inability to move forward as the need for growth is undermined by the need for maintenance; or as the need for stability is challenged by the need for change in order to achieve desired growth.  In some instances, this leads to a clash over competing values and priorities.

What leaders need is a process that allows their churches to move forward with initiatives for outreach and growth while maintaining the integrity of their essential vision and mission. In the Alignment workshop, churches are led to identify a clear, strategic direction; one that allows them to put systems into place to ensure effective results.

Further, the Alignment workshop explores the connection between the resources churches have available and how these can be utilized to minister effectively to the needs represented in a community of change.

The Alignment workshop training is for all church ministry leaders and pastors.  It includes:

    •      • The Five Steps of Alignment
    •      • Launching an Action Plan
    •      • The Opportunity Profile
    •      • The Seven Planning Steps

Without alignment of ministry and resources, a variety of needs can demand your attention and drain resources and energies.  Latins United is working with leaders to provide them with training to move their vision into action.

For more information on how to align ministries, a consultation, or for a list of information including books and resources, contact Latins United at 402.350.3815 or email John.Bueno@epc.org