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Christ Planting

Many churches are looking for more than an awareness of “seeker sensitive” approaches and are looking for opportunities to move beyond the basics of evangelistic programs. The “Christ Planting” concept provides a way for churches to build bridges into their communities in unique and creative ways through ministries that fill the gap— between what people perceive about the church and their own interests and needs. For many churches, this means coming to terms with the dynamics of cultural shifts and cross-cultural change, while maintaining clarity of the gospel message.

Christ Planting provides a process to bring relevant responses to issues that are central in the mindset of those who have had little or no church experience. It provides an avenue to help others begin to understand the message of Christ and to understand that the church is a place of discovery, growth, and transformation!

In a series of events, Latins United provides you with the resources to build a foundation for on-going outreach, and a structure to align your church’s mission, vision and calling with strategic ministries and projects that are directed to the needs of your community.
Next, Latins United works alongside of you to design outreach events and strategic programming as you implement action steps for growth. And, as you prepare your church for growth, members are mobilized to serve as they discover the areas of their own greatest gifting and ministry ability.

Finally, we provide you with the tools and resources to begin to care for those who are new to your membership, providing them with a foundation for faith, a means of connecting to your congregation, and resources for on-going spiritual growth.


For more information on the specific aspects of the Christ Planting model, workshops, or training modules, contact a member of our ministry team at 402.350.3815