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Ministry Team

Rev. John Bueno

    •  •    John has served as a church planter, missionary, and visionary for Latin ministries both in the United States and overseas.   He has       brought leadership teams together to develop strategic opportunities and has provided direction for church planters, pastors and       leadership teams. He is a commissioned lay-pastor with the EPC.

Rev. Tim Brown

  •  •    Tim has served as a pastor, outreach specialist, church planter, and associate pastor.   As a part of the Latins United team, he has
          led church growth and outreach events, provided direction in implementing church growth strategies, and has specialized in small
          group and follow-up ministry systems.


Rev. David Velasquez

  •  •    David has served as a pastor and specialist in leadership training and brings both national and international experience in crusade       ministries, outreach evangelism, and recreational ministries.  In addition, David has worked to plant new church ministries and has       coordinated ministries to develop three Spanish-speaking congregations comprised primary of migrant workers.


The Board of Latins United

     Rev. Tim Brown

     Dr. Chuck Tomek

     Rev. John Bueno

     Stu Millar