[Summer 2015]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of my ministry.

This ministry started in 1983 when I went to a Christmas dinner. Little did I know that this event would drastically change my life. I grew up in a dysfunctional home with an alcoholic father; and lived in severe poverty. Although I came to the United States at age 12, by the age of 20, I was married and in a relationship that turned out to be disastrous. I came to that dinner as a broken down truck driver and a single parent who was carrying a weight of baggage from my past— but I had a deep desire to give my 7 year-old daughter a better life than I had. That night I was given the opportunity to surrender my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and I prayed a prayer that changed everything. The exact words I prayed were: “Lord, change my life and rebuild it on the foundation of Christ, that I may serve you and that I may love you. Show me the way, because I don’t know which way to go.”

I did not know that God would take that prayer and make it a reality. The following year was the most difficult year of my life; because of several accidents I was unable to continue driving for a living, I lost the relationship that I was involved in, and found myself at the bottom of a pit.

I relocated to San Mateo and began attending the First Presbyterian Church— this is where God began His work. I was accepted by the congregation, prayed for, and invited into homes for dinner. They loved, cared, and supported me financially during this time to help me become re-established in the area. The pastor took me under his wing as one of his own. During that first year, I got a job through the church and the congregation embraced my daughter and me into the family of God. It was at that very moment that I realized that the prayer that I had prayed was being answered by God. He had rebuilt my life through His body, the church, and had met my every need! I have no words to describe the joy of receiving those blessings from God, but I would soon find a greater joy in giving.

Understanding that it was time for me to serve others, I began to minister to broken people like myself. The result was a Hispanic ministry in San Mateo, involvement in mission trips throughout Latin America, and working as a missionary to Colombia. In Colombia I met my wife, and after returning to the United States, I continued missions work through the PCUSA and Knox Fellowship. Then in 2005, we began Hispanic ministries in Omaha and established Latins United as a ministry base. I have planted a Hispanic church meeting in south Omaha and since 2011, I have been working in the EPC.

I know that the ministry that has developed over the past 30 years is due to the body of Christ who has enabled me to meet the needs of others. It was in 1983 that I found the joy of receiving and I thought there was no greater joy, but I have also found the joy of giving, which is a much greater joy!

 1. I thank God for His grace unto me and my family.
 2. I thank First Presbyterian Church San Mateo for modeling real Christianity to me.
 3. I thank the people that have supported my ministry throughout these years for without your prayers and financial
     support, this ministry would not have become a reality.
  4. I thank God for my daughter, Maria, as she was the inspiration that got me on the right track.

My prayer is that you will continue to be part of fulfilling the Great Commission as you pray for and support this  
ministry. Thank you for joining with me in ministering to those who need Christ and for your part in helping us to bring His message to the world!

God Bless You! Rev. John Bueno                                                                                                                                         Maria - 1995

praises & prayers

There are so many ways to be involved with our ministry and we praise the Lord for the many people who have supported us:

1. Prior to my trip to Africa my furnace broke and was irreparable. I needed a new furnace but did not have the funds for this. I was given the name of Abraham Heating and Air Conditioning. They were very gracious in giving me an incredible payment plan so I could install a new furnace.

2. I was in dire need of new tires for my car and received those through a generous donor. I praise God for His provision and His hand at work.

3. In our last newsletter we requested a vehicle for our family that was desperately needed. We praise the Lord that a couple in California met that need.

4. We also want to praise the Lord that some of our air travel needs have been met through a donation of air miles. The Lord continues to meet our needs as they arise.

5. At the last Presbytery meeting I was received as a Cross Cultural Missionary for the Presbytery. We encourage our churches in the Great Plains Presbytery to engage with us in cross cultural ministry and to support us. Please pray for this!

6. Please pray that churches will call us to learn more about our ministry and to include Latins United in their missions budget.

Bueno Family