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In the face of new challenges and cultural change, many churches are finding avenues for impact and are responding to unique opportunities for revitalization and growth through the development of multi-cultural ministry.

With the Hispanic population of the United States projected to grow by an additional 11.9 million people in the next decade, hundreds of new people will become a part of the fabric of our communities!  In fact, the Hispanic population has accounted for one-half of our nation's growth in the past five years.

Latins United is working to reach the over 60 million Hispanics who are projected to live and work in the United States in just the next decade.  Statistics tells us that only about 20% of churches are growing and 4,000 churches in the United States close each year.  However, others are finding new avenues for growth and ministry by developing a multi-cultural ministry approach.  

As a result, people throughout our communities as well as those from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Central America, Mexico, South America and many other regions are finding churches that are relevant and real!

Latins United is available to assist your church with multi-cultural ministry development, church growth and outreach programming, church planting, and leadership development resources.

For more information; please contact Rev. John Bueno: 402.350.3815