Through a series of events, Latin's United works with churches to provide targeted ministry training.  Each training topic is designed for leaders and staff and the teaching team of Latin's United works with your staff in selecting each teaching component to build your ministry and programs.  Listed below are a few of the topics available in each series.

Church growth

     Mobilizing vs. Maintaining

     Developing Outreach Ideas

     First Encounters / Survey

     Intercession and Growth

     Recovering the Gospel

leadership training

    · Involving Hispanic Leaders

    · Church Planting Master Plan

    · Change Dynamics

    · God's Vision for the Church

    · Strategic Leadership Teams


ministry design

    · Profile for the Latin Mind set

    · Defining Church Planting Models

    · Nurturing Spiritual Growth

    · Small Group Dynamics

    · Developing Community Connections


We invite you to contact our teaching teams for a description of workshops titles and a survey of topics that will best meet your needs in developing multi-cultural ministries and programming.